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“Nasze Akwarium” subscription conditions:
1.    Subscription of the “Nasze Akwarium” monthly magazine may be ordered throughout the whole year, in any month.
2.    Annual subscription cost (12 issues) is 105 PLN. The cost of a subscription for 6 months (6 issues) – 60 PLN. Payment for the chosen subscription type guarantees the Payer receives the ordered number of the magazine issues for a fixed price prior to the magazine’s  availability in the chosen pet shops.
Payment entitled “prenumerata NA” (meaning: NA subscription) should be sent to an account number:
JM Stefko, 23 Na Szańcach Street
61-663 Poznań
Account number: 74 1140 2017 0000 4802 0641 1112

3.    Some useful aquarium bonus gifts may be added to the “Nasze Akwarium” monthly magazine and “Aquaforum” subscriptions.
4.    A person or an institution that orders more than 1 copy of each “Nasze Akwarium” monthly magazine and “Aquaforum” issue will be granted a discount.
5.    The Editor covers domestic postage costs. We send subscribed magazine abroad as well. When sending payment in advance, please add postage costs to the subscription value, according to the Poczta Polska price list. You will find more info at:
6.    If you pay in advance you agree for insertion of your personal data in a database of our subscribers. The database is used for the subscription and the magazine marketing purposes only. We hereby state that your personal data will not be made accessible to anyone and will only serve the purposes mentioned above.
7.    Please, be kind to pay your utmost attention to quoting your address in a proper way. Confirmation of the payment validates drawing an agreement on the conditions mentioned above. It is also our sole source of information on your address.
8.    Should you have any further questions concerning subscription, please send them to the Editor’s address.
9.    Institutional or group subscribers such as: schools, libraries, aquarium associations and organisations will receive a subscription discount of 7%.

Any claims and complaints regarding subscription can be sent by e-mail to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by post to the Editor’s address:
JM Stefko, 23 Na Szańcach Street, 61-663 Poznań

We send subscribed magazine abroad as well. The Subscriber covers the postage cost in this case.

-    Annual subscription: 100 PLN + 132 PLN (11 x 11 PLN) for the postage to Europe (including Russia and Israel) or 100 PLN + 138 PLN (11 x 11.50 PLN) for the postage to other continents
-    6 months subscription: 57 PLN + 66 PLN (6 x 11 PLN) for the postage to Europe (including Russia and Israel) or 57 PLN + 69 PLN (6 x 11.50 PLN) for the postage to other continents
-    Postage of the parcel containing archive issues is calculated individually on the basis of the parcel’s weight. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone beforehand.

I order subscription (sorry, english form available soon)