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Szanowni Czytelnicy

Z przykrością informujemy o dalszym przedłużenia terminu wydania 125 numeru pisma "Nasze Akwarium".
Pragniemy zapewnić, że pismo będzie się ukazywało. Obiecane prenumaratorom, współpracownikom i autorom segregatory i kalendarze
oraz wszystkie opłacone w prenumeracie numery pisma zostaną dostarczone.
Prosimy o wyrozumiałość i cierpliwość.
Osoby pragnące zrezygnować z prenumeraty i otrzymać zwrot opłaty prosimy o kontakt z redakcją.

na124_okl_konradKonkurs IAPLC_2011

Comment from Takashi Amano

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest started from the dawn of 21st century, and this year’s contest marks the 10th anniversary. In our 10 year contest history, the number of participants and participating country has been increasing steadily, and we have received record breaking participants in this year’s contest. This reflects the fact that the number of planted aquarium hobbyists is globally increasing. But I feel very sorry to have seen the decline of layout originality in many applications, while many applicants are now having high layout technique. So some layouts with splendid layout idea were selected on the top prizes this year. It is also regrettable not many applications have a good combination of fish and aquarium layout. It is also very important point to decide the quality of aquarium layout. I wish to see many applications wowing our juries in next year’s contest, and I hope this contest will develop further as a stage showing your aquarium layout to the world.

Pyszczak nie dla kazdego -
Wojciech Sierakowski

Biotopes of Mediterranean Sea part. II -
Dr Małgorzata Bednarska, Dr Michał Bednarski

This article is a second one in the series of articles entitled “Biotopes of Mediterranean Sea” and aims at acquainting the reader with ecosystems of marine eelgrass beds. These beds are one of the most abundant among marine ecosystems with regard to the number of animal and plant species. Underwater “meadows” of marine eelgrass (Zostera sp.), are a basic element of such an ecosystem and their long ribbon-like leaves remind us of grass leaves. Despite their seemingly unexciting appearance, eelgrass beds serve as a shelter for numerous animals and observing them in their natural environment is very exciting.

Wystawa akwarystyczna Hradec Králové 2013


2013-05-10 - 2013-05-12

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New Conference and Exhibition CenterŁ
Łódź, al. Politechniki 4


You are cordially invited to participate in the next edition of ANIMAL MARKET Zoological Fair to be held in Poznań from 22 to 24 February 2013. It is the most important place of business meetings of the zoological and horticultural sector in Poland thanks to collaboration with leading industry and media partners.


The growing interest of exhibitors is a forecast of an impressive exhibition offer, and cooperation with authorities in the zoological environment ensures a valuable programme of events. The last edition of the fair resulted in 100% increase in the number of visitors, so this year we expect about 3,000 professional visitors from the zoological industry. The promotional campaign expands its scope to the whole Polish territory reaching to veterinary clinics, pet shops, warehouses and shopping centres as well as retailer chains. A novelty of the 2013 edition is an expanded programme of events, which in addition to training sessions and seminars for the industry will feature some interesting events for the general public.

Due to the rapid development of the complex of three fairs: GARDENIA, ANIMAL MARKET and SPECIAL DAYS, the fair will be  located in four major modern MTP halls: 3, 3A, 4 and 5 (with the total area of 32 thousand m2!).

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W dniach 23 – 24 marca Towarzystwo Naukowe Branży Zoologicznej ANIMALIAN organizuje szkolenie przeznaczone dla właścicieli i pracownikow sklepów oraz hurtowni i hodowli ryb akwariowych, ogrodów zoologicznych oraz stowarzyszeń akwarystycznych. Harmonogram i informacje na stronie internetowej. Koszt dwudniowego szkolenia z wyżywieniem, certyfikatem i materiałami szkoleniowymi - 260 zł.

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II Sympozjum Akwarystyczne - Żychlin 2012

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